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Dmitry Khakimov & Denis-Marchenkov - Modern Bataireacht

Dmitry Khakimov & Denis Marchenkov

Teacher / Modern Bataireacht (Irish Stickfighting)


Dmitry Khakimov & Denis Marchenkov are leaders of the Bataireacht Modern Concept style, from Russia.

Martial Art: Bataireacht Modern Concept (Irish Stick Fighting)


Organizers and instructors of numerous Russian and international gatherings. Authors of training videos, articles, and tutorials on Irish stick fighting.

The Bataireacht Modern Concept is a comprehensive self-defense system based on the Irish walking stick fighting system of Doyle Clan, called Rince an Bhata Uisce Beatha.

To develop an authentic system, we structured the principles and techniques of the school and applied them to work with other types of weapons (short stick, umbrella, knife), as well as for hand-to-hand combat.

One of the main features of the school is that we evaluate our achievements solely on the basis of their use in the sparing process.


Modern Concept Bataireacht


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