Our Association aims to promote, develop and practice all sports and recreational, cultural and social activities, including the Portuguese Jogo do Pau (Article 2 of the Statutes), this Traditional Portuguese Martial Art is the base that supports all our activities.

Members represent an important economic slice of non-profit associations and it is essential that this collective awareness exists, as well as an interest in working and contributing to the preservation and development of Portuguese traditions and cultural heritage. Particularly in safeguarding the Portuguese Traditional Martial Art, the Jogo do Pau Português.

Becoming a member of our non-profit Association is to ensure the existence and continuity of the last Portuguese Traditional Martial Art still alive.

This membership status represents a fundamental support so that our work of dissemination and development of the Portuguese Jogo do Pau can continue. Do not miss this opportunity to be part of this mission. Anyone can be a member.

Membership Subscription for Stafffighters (automatically monthly payment)

This subscription is automatically renewed every month. (You can cancel it at any time)

The monthly fee of our association is an open and voluntary amount, with the minimum amount being €1/month.

Membership Subscription for Stafffighters (automatically yearly payment)

This subscription is automatically renewed every year. (You can cancel it at any time)

For all due purposes, by subscribing here, you confirm that you are of legal age and accept to pay the the fees indicated above.

Athlete Members must pay the insurance once a year €12/year

Insurance for Athlete Membership (current season)

This Insurance is valid for the current sport season and renewed in September of each year, regardless of the month you are subscribing to it.

It will provide the health insurance for the athlet  of Portuguese Jogo do Pau, in the Stafffighters Group practicing in one of the training locations we manage.

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