Masters and Teachers that will be present in the International Stafffighters Gathering in Cascais 2020.

An amazing group of professionals, that stand out in each Martial Art they represent.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn and experience a little about each Master’s experience and Martial Art.

Stafffighters Gathering 2020

Dmitry Khakimov & Denis-Marchenkov - Modern Bataireacht

Dmitry Khakimov & Denis Marchenkov

Teacher / Modern Bataireacht (Irish Stickfighting)

Dmitry Khakimov & Denis Marchenkov are leaders of the Bataireacht Modern Concept style, regular participants in stick fighting tournaments. Organizers and instructors of numerous Russian and international gatherings. Authors of training videos, articles, and tutorials on Irish stick fighting.
Paulo Brinca Jogo do Pau da Moita

Paulo Brinca

Mestre / JOGO DO PAU

Master Paulo Brinca, the youngest athlete to be graduated as master in the country, has been training in Moita since 1996.  He learned the first steps of stick playing with his grandfather António Brinca (already deceased), continuing his training with great masters in the  Atneu Comercial de Lisboa Club.
Bernard Leddy - Traditional Bataireacht

Bernard Leddy

Instructor / Traditional Bataireacht (Irish Stickfighting)

Bernard Leddy Traditional Bataireacht Instructor . Studied under Glen Doyle, one of the last hereditary stick fighter in the world and was fortunate enough to be become an instructor. He currently heads the Europe section of the Doyle family style and runs a school in his native Ireland. He promotes Irish Stick Fighting wherever he can and does coaching courses and induction courses.
Carlos Barrera President of the Federación de Lucha del Garrote Canario

Carlos Barrera

Gran Maestro / Lucha del Garrote Canario

Gran Maestro de Maestro de Tolete Canario. Current President of the Fight Federation of the Canarian Garrote. Several times World Champion in Weapons Techniques. Grand Master of de Lucha del Garrote Canario and Master of Tolete Canario.
Mishael Lopes Cardozo AMEK HEMA

Mishaël Lopes Cardozo

HEMA Swordsman

Mishaël Abia Lopes Cardozo. Founder and president of the AMEK and officially knighted in Holland for his contribution to the reconstruction of the historical European martial heritage in the lowlands. Elevated in 2014 to the Hall of Fame for Martial Arts.
Ferdinand Terado Pekiti-Tirsia Kali stafffighters

Ferdinand Terado

Guro / Pekiti-Tirsia Kali [PTK-SMF]

Ferdinand Terado (Ferd) is a Certified Professional Instructor [Guro] and has been training in the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali [PTK-SMF] combat system for about 10 years. Aside from teaching regular local classes, Guro Ferd conducts seminars, workshops, and have been a guest instructor in several martial arts events
Professor Ricardo Moura do Jogo do Pau Cascais

Ricardo Moura

Professor / JOGO DO PAU

Ricardo Moura is the Founder, President and Main Teacher at the Jogo do Pau Cascais Association / Staff Fighters. Cinta Preta (Black Belt) in Jogo do Pau Português, 5º degree in Combat Baton and Self Defense
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